In 2023, after the terrorist attack on the Kahovska Hydroelectric Power Station, the Solidarity with Ukraine Foundation was established to aid the country and its affected residents in the aftermath of inhumane actions by an aggressive country-neighbor. The goal was to unite the volunteer assistance from Ukrainians and to attract foreign support.


Our vision is a strong and united Ukraine, which is on the way to full recovery after the armed invasion of the Russian Federation and violence on its territory. We aspire to see a country where every citizen lives safely and with dignity, can get the necessary help in difficult situations and has opportunities for positive development.



The Foundation actively promotes the restoration of affected areas and infrastructure.


The Foundation supports social and economic projects to improve the living conditions of the population and provides targeted assistance to those affected by the conflict, providing the necessary means and material support.


The Foundation forms and supports mobile volunteer teams for effective participation in search and rescue operations and debris removal, which helps save lives during crisis situations.


Beneficiaries of charitable assistance can be: natural persons, educational institutions, health care institutions, territorial

communities, central bodies of the executive power and military administration of Ukraine, other non-profit institutions or organizations.


Information about the Foundation’s charitable programs will be posted on official resources. Each charity program has a unique list of individuals and organizations that can apply for assistance.

Before contacting us for assistance, please check that the charity program you are applying for is active and that you meet the criteria for the charity program.

Unfortunately, we cannot consider individual requests for help outside of charity programs, because each charity program has clear criteria for submission in order to distribute funds efficiently. The Fund faithfully implements the Law of Ukraine, therefore it carefully monitors the targeted use of funds.

In the description of each charity program there is information on how to contact us or a contact person along with all the necessary information and a list of documents that you need. Follow the instructions and contact us if you have any questions.

In the conditions of martial law, our priority is to reduce bureaucracy and process requests for assistance as quickly as possible, so we reduce the list of necessary documents to receive assistance to the minimum possible.

Financial statements can be found at this link. You can check the registration documents at this link.

By agreement with partners and in order to comply with the legislation of Ukraine, the Foundation does not collect charitable donations if:


1) such collection is illegal, or may harm business reputation, or may negatively affect the brands of financial partners, payment systems, the Fund, including, but not limited to:


● firearms, spare parts for them, ammunition, melee weapons prohibited or restricted in circulation by law enforcement agencies;

● narcotic, steroid, psychotropic substances and other goods endangering the life and health of consumers, as well as devices for their consumption;

● unlicensed medicinal products, delivery of medicinal products outside of Ukraine;

● tobacco products, gaming business, casino, lotteries, totalizers, electronic currency;


2) the purpose of the collection is the sale of images of an offensive nature, including images of a sexual nature, sexual exploitation (including of minors), inflicting physical injuries on the person and parts of the person’s body, any manifestations of cruelty.


The Foundation will also never contribute to the financing of terrorism or the financing of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. The fund actively contributes to combating the legalization (laundering) of proceeds obtained through crime.


Got questions? We are always open for conversation!


The standards of relations with individuals who finance the activities of the Charitable Organization play an important role in ensuring transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct.

Transparency and Openness: The Charitable Organization must ensure transparency in its relations with individuals providing financial support. This includes the publication of financial information, reports, and the organization’s activities on its website and other public sources.

Conflict of Interest Prohibition: The organization must avoid any situations where a conflict of interest may arise between individuals providing financial support and other parties.

Ethical Conduct: The Charitable Organization must adhere to higher standards of ethical behavior in its interactions with donors. This includes honesty, integrity, and compliance with the law.

Use of Donations: The Charitable Organization must use received donations for their intended purpose. The organization should ensure the effective use of these funds to achieve its mission and objectives.

Privacy Protection: The organization must adhere to requirements for protecting personal data and confidential information of donors.

Accountability: The Charitable Organization must regularly provide reports on the use of received donations and the achievement of its goals.

Interaction and Collaboration: The organization should maintain an open and constructive dialogue with donors to ensure mutual understanding and collaboration in achieving common goals.

These standards help build trust and partnership between the Charitable Organization and individuals providing financial support, and will contribute to the effective implementation of charitable initiatives and programs.


Danylo Kotenko
President of the Foundation


Статут (1)-01

Charter of the Charitable Organization

Копия Виписка з реєстру-1

Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities

Витяг з реєстру неприбуткових організацій (1)-1

Extract from the register of non-profit organizations


VISA, MasterCard and PROSTIR payment systems are accepted

Even during air alerts

We continue to work despite the missile threats.

We are determined to help those who need it under any circumstances.

Join the volunteer community of Ukraine following the call of the soul!

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