Population of Ukraine (persons for 2021)
Area of Ukraine (km²)

Ukrainian hryvnia

National currency of Ukraine (1 dollar = 36.65 hryvnia)

Ukrainian language

The only state language in Ukraine


The capital and largest city of Ukraine
with a population of 2,965,000 people (as of 2020)

August 24, 1991

Adoption of the Act of Proclamation of Ukraine's Independence and Separation from the USSR, Creation of the Independent State of Ukraine


National flag of Ukraine


State coat of arms of Ukraine

National Anthem of Ukraine

The National Anthem of Ukraine is a national anthem to the music of Mykhailo Verbytskyi with the words of the first verse and chorus of the work by Pavlo Chubynskyi in the following version:
«Ukraine's glory and freedom/will[?]Translation have not yet perished,
Still upon us, young brothers, fate shall smile.
Our enemies shall vanish, like dew in the sun.
We too shall rule, brothers, in our country.

Soul and body shall we lay down for our freedom,
And we will show, that we, brothers, are of Cossack descent».
Ceremonial events of national significance begin and end with the performance of the National Anthem of Ukraine.
The National Anthem of Ukraine is performed during official state ceremonies and other events.

A form of government

Ukraine is a unitary parliamentary-presidential republic. The legislative body is the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, which appoints the highest executive body — the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, headed by the Prime Minister. The head of state and Supreme Commander is the President of Ukraine. 


Ukraine is a secular state in which the church is separated from the state and school. The Constitution of Ukraine guarantees freedom of conscience and freedom of religion.

The majority of citizens of Ukraine are Christians, mainly of the Orthodox faith, although Greek Catholicism is also widespread in the west of Ukraine. Religions of indigenous peoples of Ukraine are also Islam, Judaism and Karaism. Before the adoption of Christianity in Russia in 988, the pagan Slavic religion was dominant.

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