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Statement of the President of the Foundation

In connection with the invasion of Israel by Hamas

President of the Foundation​
Danylo Kotenko
In light of the terrible events of October 7, 2023, on behalf of the Solidarity Fund with Ukraine, I am making a statement in support of Israel.

We deeply regret the tragic events that took place when the militants of the terrorist organizations Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad launched a powerful rocket attack and invaded Israel. These attacks resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives and thousands of injuries, as well as the kidnapping of dozens of people. We deeply sympathize with the families of the victims and express our support to the people of Israel.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their loved ones. We support the Government of Israel in its efforts to ensure the safety of its citizens during this difficult time, and we strongly support Israel in its right to self-defense.

Let this difficult time unite us in the pursuit of peace and security for all our peoples. We will continue to monitor developments and believe in Israel’s victory over terrorism.


The Armed Forces of Ukraine carry out armed defense of the independence, territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine every day. Solidarity with Ukraine foundation is ready to provide support to the Armed Forces and provide military units with everything they need

Other charitable programs

of Ukraine

The foundation will contribute to the restoration of the affected areas and infrastructure

to war victims

The foundation will provide targeted assistance to those affected by the war

Rescue teams


The foundation will form mobile volunteer teams to rescue the residents

This video shows a targeted attack by a Kh-101/555 missile on the Okhmatdit children’s hospital in Kyiv.

Russian propagandists, seeing the impact of their crime, turned on the classic tune, claiming the missile was shot down by Ukrainian air defense so it hit the hospital. This footage confirms that there was no shoot-down.

The missile just plunges directly onto the children’s hospital building. A targeted attack on a children’s hospital…
Source: Telegram Alexander Kovalenko, military-political commentator, Telegram, 08.07.2024 (link)


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Charity has become a social phenomenon of Ukrainian society, and modern Ukraine cannot be imagined without it. That is why Ukrainians volunteer and donate to the Armed Forces and humanitarian needs every day, because they are convinced that courage manifests itself in actions.

Your participation can make a significant contribution to the lives of those who require support and help. We are looking forward to your application!


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