Rescue teams

Program description

The rescue teams of the Solidarity with Ukraine Foundation, consisting entirely of the organization’s volunteers, are designed to prevent emergencies, minimize their consequences, and protect the population and territory of Ukraine.

The main task of the rescue teams is to respond promptly to man-made and natural emergencies and carry out rescue and recovery operations at Ukrainian facilities and territories.

Rescue teams can either interact with representatives of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and/or municipal emergency services, or operate independently.

Examples of emergencies to which the rescue teams controlled by the Foundation can respond (including, but not limited to):
  • liquidation of the consequences of air attacks, road accidents, natural disasters;
  • dismantling of emergency structures;
  • firefighting;
  • evacuation and assistance to victims of emergencies;
  • providing first aid and organizing medical evacuation;
  • conducting search and rescue operations.

For the formation and normal functioning of rescue teams of the Foundation on a permanent basis, the following are necessary:

– portable radios to ensure communication in emergency situations;
 emergency tool kits, rescue, and evacuation equipment;

– powerful flashlights and headlamps;
– medical first aid kits;
– vehicles;
– protective helmets, goggles and other personal protective equipment;
– rescue ropes, carabiners and other equipment to support search and rescue operations;
– drones;
– food kits and water.

To purchase all these things, we need money, so we are asking everyone who cares to help ensure our financial health!


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