Conditions of the Charity Program

The list of institutions that can apply for assistance: 
  • public healthcare institutions;
  • state educational institutions;
  • Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine;
  • territorial communities;
  • village, settlement, city councils and their executive bodies;
  • village, settlement, city heads;
  • bodies of self-organization of the population;
  • non-profit or public institutions or organizations whose field of activity is: ecology, environmental protection and animal protection, care and welfare, social protection/social security/social services, culture and art, science and scientific research, sports and physical culture.
What is necessary to receive help: send to email address a scan or photo of an official request with the seal of an institution or organization.

Priority of consideration of requests for assistance:
1. Requests from institutions that have a completely destroyed building/site/infrastructure or one that has been deemed unfit for use as a result of military operations.
2. Requests from institutions that have a partially damaged building/site/infrastructure as a result of military action that requires non-cosmetic repairs.
3. Requests from institutions that have a building/site/infrastructure that, as a result of hostilities, requires cosmetic repairs.

Priority is given to establishments that provide accommodation services.